Unethical tactics employed by the cybersecurity company

The cybersecurity company that the business owner initially contacted took advantage of her understandable concern and heightened anxiety. Using alarmist language, they painted a dire picture of the potential consequences she could face, from crippling fines to irreparable reputational damage. This narrative was carefully crafted to exaggerate the severity of the situation, leveraging her lack of specialized knowledge to make the threat seem more imminent and catastrophic than it actually was.
Moreover, they insisted that she needed to file an insurance claim immediately, asserting that this was the only way to mitigate potential financial damages. This advice was not only misleading but could have resulted in higher premiums and a damaged business reputation, adding long-term consequences to an already stressful situation. 

To create a sense of urgency and instill a dependency on their services, they also recommended an expensive threat analysis. They asserted that failure to act quickly could result in further attacks, jeopardizing the future of her business. Their strategy was to manufacture a crisis atmosphere, designed to push the owner into hastily committing to high-cost services that might not have been necessary. 

By attempting to create a sense of urgency and dependency, the company sought to lock the business owner into a long-term, expensive relationship that served their interests more than hers. Their approach was not to educate or empower but to confound and control, turning her vulnerability into their business opportunity. 

Symbiont's expert intervention

Aware of cybersecurity's complexities and the need for reliable guidance, the business owner turned to Symbiont for expert second-opinion advice. Capitalizing on its extensive experience in fostering successful outcomes, promoting beneficial relationships, and aligning technology with business objectives, Symbiont stepped in to provide comprehensive support.  

When the business owner consulted with Symbiont for additional guidance, we were pleased to learn that she had independently taken measures that we would have recommended. While we had initially set up Intune for her company-issued devices, her decision to include personal devices also showed an admirable proactive approach to cybersecurity, aligned with our own best practices. 

Actions taken

After our initial evaluation, we discovered that the business owner had already taken several critical steps to fortify her cybersecurity posture. She was proactive and hadn't waited for a threat to become a crisis. One policy she had in place required a video call to confirm any changes in financial information. This may seem like a minor detail, but it was a shield against the phishing attempt she faced. She didn't get a response for the video call from the suspicious email sender, which was a clear red flag, prompting her to seek external guidance. 
What impressed us further was the owner's forward-thinking approach to security. Prior to our consultation, she had implemented multi-factor authentication across the board, adding an additional layer of security that's proven to thwart a wide array of cyber threats. Not just that, she had set up Intune Company Portal to log and track all company-issued and personal devices that accessed company resources. Interestingly, we had initially set up their Intune for company devices a few years back. When we spoke, we were pleased to find that she had already expanded its scope, a step we were going to recommend. 
The steps the business owner took independently were not just reactive measures to a single threat but a part of a larger, holistic approach to cybersecurity. These were the kind of forward-thinking strategies that we endorse and set up for our clients regularly. It validated our belief in the power of preventive action and continuous education, both of which we encourage as part of 'The Symbiont Way.' 

This case study, particularly the owner's preemptive actions, reinforces our belief in the power of education, resilience, and ethical practices to navigate the landscape of cybersecurity effectively. We advocate for comprehensive solutions that solve immediate problems and prepare businesses for the challenges ahead.